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Bar code and foreground of union of wireless local area network are valued!
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In recent years, accompanying the progress of IT, all sorts of management information systems give many the enterprise brought actual profit. The informatization of a lot of Chinese enterprises and administrative modernization had entered the path of benign loop. Nevertheless, the potential of system of domestic most business management is released not completely. The cause that creates this one appearance has a lot of, having is brought about very much greatly partly.

Itself of management information system accumulate containing tremendous energy, the service quality that the management information system can offer and the data quality concern that its input are very big. Accurate data is collected is the requirement that the system develops highest efficiency, had accurate data input, the decision-making gift that makes on this foundation adjusts the system truly supportive function arrives since the enterprise. If lack data or data inconsistent with the facts, the management information system cannot reach significant result, become " of " wrong amplifier likely instead, the influence is run daily to the enterprise.

Enterprise logarithm identifies technical development automatically according to collecting the dependence of quality to promote home. In real business course, manual data is typed make mistake very easily. According to the number that factory of some famous ERP software provides, in medical enterprise, the accident rate that with the receipt several computation type artificially can achieve 5%-10% . Technology of applied bar code can reduce this differentia fault greatly, raise data processing rate, increased the value of ERP system in fact.

But, should not identify bar code technology and other automatically the technology regards as merely clavier inputs replace. Seem to want to buy gun of scanning of on a few bar code and equipment to be received only, calculate data to collect automation. What actually industry data collects is automatic identify change far more than and simple service data gathers facility, its are complex degree can become business to reframe even. If can the advantage that utmost produces data to collect automation, it is tremendous that the business that it brings changes. This is not to say bar code oneself has how magical, the function of bar code depends on it is business information system sticking receive a dose, stimulative iformation flow flows straightwayly.

Bar code itself does not create value directly, it needs other technology cooperate. These technologies covered the many sided such as network, application software, operating system. The union of wireless network and bar code is one of the most popular nowadays topics.

System of business management information cannot break away from a network to exist commonly. The system processes the data that transmits through the network, have resource to company job flow in the perspective of company overall situation optimize configuration. But in certain circumstance, extending the price that sets route network is exalted, it is impossible even. Assemble a workshop in order to produce to be exemple, spot environment did not build the condition of wired network probably, the need that and the staff member has ambulates at any time.
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