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Portable data is collected implement the applied current situation that is in ou
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The occurrence of computer technology, raised people to handle the speed of information and ability greatly. Face the enormous iformation flow of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, the computer identifies input technology automatically to appear particularly important. And be in a lot of in identifying a technology automatically, bar code technology more and more be known by people place and accept, already became current and main computer to identify a technology automatically. Because its input rate is rapid, accuracy is tall, cost is low, dependability is strong, development is very consequently rapid. It enlarged the applied limits of the computer not only, and make no matter the application of computer technology is in on deepness, there still was new development on range, be collected automatically of data to realize commerce and electronic data is exchanged (EDI) laid a foundation.
The commercial automation of our country is the most initiative at 70 time metaphase, the dynamic bar settle accounts that what use at that time is proper motion design and production implement. After reforming and opening, beneficial deepens the day that communicates in technical domain and abroad as our country business circles, commodity bar code and POS system develop gradually, maturity rises, drove the development of the commercial automation of our country further thereby. Meanwhile, below the concussion of market economy, content shedding theory and content shed management to get increasingly the attention of business circles. In system of commercial government automation, how in the past, of lag, static information, turn into real time, dynamic. Tall information natural resources, shed management to keep consistent with dynamic other people, become stock of our country merchandise to manage the problem that solves urgently. Merchandise stock always is changing in commercial government, backward artificial check has gotten used to market economy to run the need of the intense with each passing day competition below the mechanism no longer apparently. 21 centuries are the times of information, time is money, business chance fleeting, the businessman wants to be like in the strong opponent forest business circles stands firm, realizing check of ceaseless course of study is the mainest demand. Inventory (check) administrative electron changes a system to get used to emerge as the times require of requirement of this one age just about.
One, portable data is collected implement development
Of information age today, people also cannot leave the help of the computer again. Of system of POS of no less than build like must having the POS terminal that supports by all of computer science department, inventory (check) the implementation that the electron changes also cannot leave element to have likewise " palmtop computer " the portable data of good name is collected implement.
Identifying a technology automatically is data automatic knowledge is read, a kind of method that inputs the computer automatically or method. It is the omnibus science and technology that is a foundation with the development of computer technology and communication technology. And rise abruptly quickly of bar code technology, as a kind revolutionary new and high technology is people to be accepted generally, pass data to collect because of it just about implement this one " edge tool " , provided the significant measure that undertakes data gathers an input well and truly, because rate of computer data manual input is slow, wrong,solved rate is advanced cause " bottleneck " difficult problem.
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