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Country is the biggest Wuhan of settle of base of production of 2 dimension bar
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Limited company of science and technology of Shenzhen silicon feeling and Wu Jiashan of area of lake of Wuhan city thing's Taiwan businessman invest an area to sign an agreement, in Chinese build research and development of bar code of dimension of country's biggest CM, GM2 to produce base. The province led Luo Qingquan, Ren Shimao to attend signing ceremony.

Wu Jiashan of this project settle's Taiwan businessman invests garden of area Electromechanical industry, the plan invests 800 million yuan, the program covers an area of 300 mus, total floor area 200 thousand square metre. Predict start of bright the beginning of the year, build cycle about 1 year. The research and development that basically pursues bar code of dimension of CM, GM2 reachs promotion application, bar code knowledge is read implement, the scanner, research and development that photographs product of electron of feeling of smooth like first class telex and production.

After project put into production, predict to be able to achieve sales revenue 2007 3 reach 500 million yuan, exit is achieved collect 10 million dollar, 5 years Neikeshi shows sales revenue 3 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect l100000000 dollar.

According to introducing, application of bar code of dimension of CM, GM2 is wide, bogus, medicines and chemical reagents can be prevented to prevent the domain such as management of information of bogus, silver-colored couplet, mobile communication application, content shedding, taxation to popularize application in tobacco. Limited company of science and technology of Shenzhen silicon feeling suffers national MII to entrust, standard of bar code of dimension of its CM, GM2 owns exclusive and own intellectual property in home.

Zhang Wei of president of silicon feeling company expresses, after new base builds, company headquarters will by Shenzhen ingoing Wuhan. (be over) (Li Limin of reporter Yi Fei, reporter, Xiong Zhirong)

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