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System of product quality trace
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How does your product quality dog?
The product after leaving factory how person of date from responsibility?
How acquire your product leave factory information?
How to differentiate the true bogus of your product?

Use this system, information still can examine after your product leaves factory: A. The true bogus of product of test and verify, have a product to prevent bogus function namely. B. Product data, can get the name of the product, norms and other detailed data. C. Qualitative check member, the member that can get the qualitative check of each working procedure of this product, generator. D. Manufacturing date, the exact manufacturing date of this product. E. Deliver goods date of client, delivery of cargo from storage, the sale whereaboutldirection of this product, odd numbers of the deliver goodsingly dot that is in sale sheet, delivery of cargo from storage, deliver goods the data such as the amount. F. Approve the other product of delivery of cargo from storage together, through searching a sale sheet shows all other products that approve invoice together.

Before the requirement of the modernization management that handles more and more incommensurate already new condition to fall by hand, computer technology and bar code technology bring life to produce quality management field, already made inevitable trend. Produce quality to be able to undertake spot quality manages only so for example, if cannot continue after manufactured goods delivery of cargo from storage date from the quality circumstance of its product, generator of each working procedure, person of qualitative check responsibility waits. And the service that modern management asks the enterprise can offer more information and individuation for the client.

Bar code identifies a technology automatically to have an input rate is rapid, accuracy tall, cost is low wait for a characteristic with easy operation. Product line and each treatment process are rigged in automation in, use bar code makes bar code label for main component. Be collected through bar code reader and after coding, bar code information inputs the database of computer server. Every check product and main part can have an exclusive bar code. No matter the product sends past where, can stay have a record. If produce a problem, need to read the bar code on person product only, can be inside the database v this product all relevant data, facilitated greatly the quality trace of the product and after service.

In this system, when the scanner is inputted or clavier inputs unreasonable data, all be invalid operation, eliminate factitious error as far as possible, raise systematic dependability.

Use this system (after BCMIS) , the job is simpler, convenient, accurate and quick. Connect those who pass data to collect, management, retrieve, file to be changed in real time with statistic, quality information and dynamic reflective production current situation make produce controller can seasonable, accurate, in the round understanding produces a situation. The ego of the product discerns also is a kind of way that the enterprise protects him, can prevent reputation of company of sham product attaint.
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