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Exhibit meeting quote to order goods system
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One, overview of company current situation
In exhibit on the meeting, face browse quotation, and fill in by hand the traditional quote pattern such as quotation, contract, already restricted a clerk to be in greatly the normative sex of the work efficiency of the spot and operation, busy in you quote, at calculative of numerous all alone at the same time, potential client is casual between perhaps already prediction of a person's luck in a given year, be aimed at this kind of circumstance, my company uses bar code to combine wireless network, data to collect implement wait for an advanced technique, development goes exhibit meeting quote to order goods system.
Data is collected implement on exhibit can order goods the one interface in the system 2, introduce exhibit meeting quote to order goods systematic system advantage
Introduce exhibit meeting quote to order goods system, can solve automatic quote at the same time, create the problem such as order of quotation, sample and contract automatically. You can leave thoroughly from now on circuit is manacled, a lot of limitation such as inadequacy of manual input, computer, achieve a few seconds of results that achieve an order for goods, your quote efficiency will rise greatly than the competitor.
3, the system is main function (1) quote
Use inside the data of wireless net card collects place implement(Logicscan IT7000OrDatalogic JET)After the bar code of scanning product, data is collected implement the information that shows the product is relevant on mount a horse quotes to the client.
(2) order goods
If the client is interested in the product of quote, can collect in data implementThe input on the interface orders goods the amount issues sheet immediately, support a variety of different products to order goods at the same time, software can show the gross that orders goods at present is measured, total amount, make a client right information be clear at a glance.
(3) make the quotation that print, contract
Affirm order goods order goods the system can make quotation and contract instantly after information, print after coming out, can affirm to client sign one's name instantly, or give a client through FAX, Email.
(4) powerful inquiry function
Inquire product data, client data according to different condition, reach sheet of quotation, contract to wait.
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