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String together goods to control a system
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How to master commodity effectively in the market current condition?

The cent that how strengthens commodity sells management?

How to put an end to false phenomenon of the individual dealer and goods of illegal pedlar change, carry out that make a holiday, the black hole that penetrable content sheds?

Commodity dogs the system is Quan Heng the market survey with old course of bar code science and technology and a business management that carry out development and goods other people flow dog administrative software. This system uses informatization and digitlization management method, iformation flow content shedding closes 2 for one, be opposite through network and 2 dimension bar code each commodity (perhaps pack each times) the current method in the market undertakes whole journey dogs with management. The trends that the system can realize content to spread information is collected automatically and feedback immediately, built a science, advanced, accurate, efficient digitlization content to shed administrative platform for the enterprise.

Systematic characteristic

1. The status is unique, information is complete. In goods production company, WAYEA-MTS is pressed for each commodity different batch, different pack reach the news that while peculiar information is being produced, its make can identify exclusively for its to pile up, the carrier that piles up as information with 2 dimension bar code is printed mount is wrapped in commodity or commodity. From this, this commodity had can information content is big and the “ Id ” that can identify exclusively.

2. Whole journey dogs, trends management. Commodity is in in the market in current process, the system can make electronic shipping list automatically, what the system carries pair of commodity and electronic shipping list is layer upon layer check and accept and attestation, the current method that can make the enterprise masters this commodity in time and whether by change goods or sham.

3. Change goods false bogus, nowhere hides. The system makes full use of technology of 2 dimension bar code and number add secret technology, make commodity bar code has uniqueness, not alterability and cannot defeat solution sex. Accordingly, when undertaking test and verify to commodity bar code and electronic indenture when the system, the change goods that can in time discover agency or illegal pedlar and false behavior of the carry out that make a holiday. And, consumer still can pass ” of the code outside the “ code in 2 dimension bar code to pass telephone call of intranet station, inquiry or Call Center undertakes bogus inquires preventing, goods allowing change, false bogus nowhere hides, protected the economic interest of the enterprise and company image effectively.

4. Safe and convenient, efficient management system uses what the world precedes to add secret technology and the close key that are as long as 128 to be opposite goods news and the data that transmit in the network undertake adding close processing, make sure its are not defeated to solve, and the enterprise can in time change close key, protect the economic interest of the enterprise and information security effectively.
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