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The application of wireless network
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Technology of wireless Lan net is a kind of flexible data exchange system, it is a kind of to the local area network outspread, complement. Use wireless communication technology, must not connect a line to be able to be sent between the computer accept data, realize data, resource share. Network administrator does not want to connect a line afresh, configuration network. Be compared and character, wireless network and photograph of common local area network compare have the following characteristics:
1, agile and mobile sex:
Wireless network offerred resource of network of real time, mobile sex to share for the user. Common local area network can not achieve this.
2, installation is simple, fast.
3, moving cost is low:
Although initial stage invests,want than common local area network tall, but installation cost of whole, moving cost, and service life got huge improvement. Often move in the user especially below working environment, moving fare is very low.
4, but expansibility:
Wireless local area network can make up all sorts of network develop to attack the structure will satisfy a variety of application and installation need. Arrive from the small-sized network with bit righter place the network system that owns thousands of node, and the implementation inside some limits roams the change of large network of the function does not need to change any hardware establishment.
Wireless communication technology introduces:
The manufacturing business of product of wireless LAN network has a series of wireless communication technologies to be able to offer an alternative, avery kind of has his relative dominant position and insufficient place. (the place that be like a graph is shown)
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.narrowband technology (narrow frequency technology)
Narrow the data of frequency technology is sent and receive is to be centered in designation frequency paragraph those who go up, take size to arrive to just can convey signal. Each user applies for to take up to native wireless management committee frequency charter, use this one frequency to have news report. Autodyne regards all frequency signal beyond this frequency dot is disturb and will filter. From the point of the angle of the user, narrow a defect of frequency communication is every user must apply for frequency to nod use charter.
Technology of enlarge chart communication
Product of most wireless network uses technology of enlarge chart communication. This is a kind of broadband communication technology that develops by American army, main application is in the communication system with expensive sex of safe to data requirement. Than narrow frequency communication photograph is compared, enlarge music technology uses wider frequency bandwidth, use frequency news report alternately inside frequency limits. Technology of two kinds of wireless communication can offer an alternative: Jump frequency technology and straight frequency technology.
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