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Content sheds a management information system
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Scanning terminal

3PL market with annual the rate of 25% rises, company of manufacturing industry, business accepts tripartite content to shed a service stage by stage; More and more enterprises realise content circulates the package outside the enterprise is to reduce the cost, effective medium of communication that raises service level; At present typical 3PL service includes: Storehouse, ship, carry, system of content shedding information, order is carried out etc; Be being carried among them is most normally the bag outside content shedding serves an item, it is storage is mixed next assemble and current treatment.

Applicable object
* storage is carried model enterprise * is integrated model contract of * of content shedding enterprise is carried model enterprise * industry deserves to send sectional * city to deserve to send model enterprise

Plan characteristic
It is core with the client, compose establishs the business technological process that faces a client;
Support the 3PL business pattern of all sorts of multiform, demand;
Realize good interface with system of tripartite information or compositive;
Reflect supply catenary cooperation, handle its in coordination each node business;
Support data of polymorphous type client to share, improve exercise efficiency;
Monitoring is whole flow, offer complete kinds or types of goods, order to dog;
Pay close attention to monitoring of each node business and exceptional circumstance control particularly;

Executive effect
* raises a client to serve a level
* standard exercise operates circuit
* rises run efficiency
* reduces exercise cost further
* applies advanced IT
* cooperates with content shedding manages an ideology
* increases or strengthen those who supply chain to be able to be inspected gender and can charge a sex

Scanning terminal Scanning terminal Scanning terminal
Scanning terminal Systematic function
* order manages subsystem
* integrated business manages subsystem
* contract carries administrative subsystem
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