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Clothing company production controls a system
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Current, dress production belongs to labor concentrated model production, and manufacturing process is exercise of running water type. Begin from raw material cloth, to cut out, draw a design, the car is seamed, the bag is very hot wait, every post needs a lot of workers to work. Especially the car seams a branch, every sewing machine or other equipment have a worker to complete a process, for instance before, hind, arm. Form of clothing factory pay uses piece rate commonly. How to undertake controlling to producing a course, improve work efficiency, control produces quality, it is the problem that every clothing manufacturer faces.

The information carrier bar code that uses cost lowest undertakes deliver and be collectioned of data. Every production and qualitative check are versed in an installation a numerical control brushs card implement, the numerical control of whole workshop brushs card implement couplet net, the controls PC to control whole workshop numerical control of the workshop brushs card implement. Employee brushs card in numerical control implement on realize this his station job flow.

The system is main function
A) gathers the manufacturing information of workshop employee.
The numerical control that B) solid chronometer considers amount of employee reckon by the piece intercurrent to send employee brushs card implement.
C) confrontations check member the information of inquiry answers inquiry in time, the numerical control of the member that return inquiry qualitative check as a result brushs card implement.
Information of D) statistic crop (comprise workshop crop and output of employee reckon by the piece) .
Information of E) statistic quality (information of do poorly done work over again) .

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