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Manage light heat turns imprint carbolic belt
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Product name: Manage light heat turns imprint carbolic belt
Introduce in detail: RICOH heat turns imprint carbon takes catalogue item Article management, hang out one's shingle, bill application
Article management: Machine of traffic administration, storage management, POS, content sheds management
Hang out one's shingle: Valence autograph, brand hangs out his shingle
Bill: Lottery of ticket of entrance ticket, railroad, boarding check, rich
B110A series (free from contamination) Product Color Carbon takes order and degree Be able to bear or endure dirty reach hear resistance Characteristic Application B110A Black Candle and colophony mix base 50
Tall adaptability, can bear below 50C with scratch of coarse box paper Readability of bar code of versatility, special requirement, high temperature resistant the rock in reaching carriage process, suit to deliver goods, cent sells management B210A B310A B410A B610A
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