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PET tagboard
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Product name: PET tagboard
Introduce in detail:
PET advanced tagboard

PET is to get together the English abbreviate of fat film, actual it is material of a kind of high polymer. PET has better hard brittleness, its color has commonly inferior silver-colored, inferior white, bright wait for a few kinds in vain. By ply cent has 25 times (a =1um) , 50, 75 wait for norms, the effective demand of this and manufacturer is concerned. As a result of the medium performance with good PET, have good anti-fouling, prevent blow, high temperature resistant wait for function, it is applied extensively at a variety of special situations, wait like compressor of monitor of mobile phone batteries, computer, air conditioning. Additional, PET paper is had better natural but degradation sex, already caused those who produce manufacturer to take seriously increasingly.

Use reel of need of printer of appropriative bar code tagboard of not dry glue.
The printing means of bar code printer has heat quick and heat to change two kinds of way, use label is not identical. Heat quick means needs to use special heat quick tagboard, and hot move means uses common tagboard can, but at the same time need uses carbolic tape.
Because the structure of printer of special bar code is restricted, its tagboard must be reel means, bar code printer is support label interval commonly is pervious to light part or presswork beforehand the black number that attend will identify the border of label. To pervious to light the label of means identifying will tell, what should use Gelaxin commonly is pervious to light copy paper, make sure printer can detect correctly the span of label.
The dimension of label is OK commonly optional and custom-built, but the axes internal diameter of a paper that the printer that those who need an attention is different type asks and the biggest external diameter are different, at the same time individual printer is secured as a result of the position of label inductor, the likelihood cannot print the label of double platoon.
Hangzhou is offerring bar code not to do glue label formerly, high tag of PET, PVC, dress tag, the product is packed, RFID label, wash water Ma, the product label such as bath mark, apply extensively at packing, presswork, the industry domain such as dress, electric equipment, chemical industry, ticket, offer label printer equipment and label to use a technology to serve support.

Product of bar code ticket
The book that press light writes ticket of paper, hectograph paper: Multipurpose tagboard, use at information label, form code prints label, suit high speed laser to print particularly, also apply to ink jet to print
Art paper does not do glue label: The general tagboard of label of polychromatic colour product, the information label that applies to things of oil of medicines and chemical reagents, food, edible, wine, beverage, electric equipment, culture
Heat quick paper does not do glue: Apply to the information label such as price number and other and retail utility
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