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Label of paper of moxa benefit copperplate
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Product name: Label of paper of moxa benefit copperplate
Introduce in detail:
Label of paper of moxa benefit copperplate is the world on high quality label (if of all kinds computer prints label) reach special label material (be like: Brittle label, security label, the label that prevent bogus) supplier.

These filmy label material of Intermec are designed at fast operation, accept those who challenge sexual environment

Test, spend whole period of efficacy in all with your product.

One, surface ability

1. Classics of label surface ability is special processing, have wonderful adsorptive sex to of all kinds printing ink.

2. Have color of of all kinds surface get together fat (PET) move of label heat addition is printed.

2, press quick glue

Intermec company uses different property press cloth of quick glue besmear to differ in order to suit on label material

The need of ticket product.

Glue of glue department number fastens phyletic glue to fasten character and product of utility typical case

#300 tall glue spends acrylic glue to be able to be able to bear or endure lukewarm 121 ℃ . Have taller force is stuck first, be opposite especially low surface can the plastic label that be like PP, PE label and PS label. 7860, 7810, 7813, 7880, 7883

The can plastic to high school surface accessory that reach gold has acrylic acid of #310 tall stability taller adhesion sex. Taller adhesion sex. Have high temperature stability, glue of not easy excessive. You Kuo closes to transfer label and laser to print label craft at heat. 7816, 7815, 7818, 7875, 7840TL, 7845TL

#350 is high temperature resistant acrylic glue but high temperature resistant to 232 ℃ . Surface of can plastic to low surface, pulverous spray, pulverous spray surface, grain surface and spend oily surface gently to have wonderful adhesion strength 3291 7879 FL7908, 7909 7613, 7930 7871, 7872 7847, 7868

#550 but cleanness moves the acrylic glue that divide is right high school surface can material label is had permanent stick force high, but at the same time but cleanness moves except. 5770, 5771, 5772

#1000 can move the gender is acrylic glue agrees with stickup in a lot of material surfaces, have can stick again and do not leave incomplete glue 7113 7114 BW7142

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