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Scanner of AS-8150 bar code
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Product name: Scanner of AS-8150 bar code
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Scanner of AS-8150 bar code

Scanner of AS-8150 bar code is Argox company it is what commerce designs technically to hold rainbow optical scanner. Its weight light, feel good, speed fast, price is low, it is the good choice with implementation OA, retail business.

Performance data of scanner of AS-8150 bar code 200 Scans/sec of speed of scanning of 120 Mm of width of scanning of 0-200 Mm of distance of scanning of 2048 Pixel CCD (charge-coupled Device) of optical system of gules LED of illuminant 660 Nm defends oneself rate 0.1mm(4mils) - Code 39, PCS=45 % , the contact pressworks contrast > before angle of scanning of =30% : 60°Hind: 60°Deflexion: 5°Decipher ability knowledge reads all levels one dimension code, 特别码制可选定(方式另议) 提示音 7种或静音 扫描头宽度 90mm 扫描头厚度 35mm 重量 150 g (不包括电缆) 键盘接口电缆 2.0 m 电缆连线长度 2.3m 接口 RS232 外壳材料 ABS塑胶 输入电压 5 VDC ±0.25V 工作功率 275 mW 待机功率 220 mW 工作电流 150 mA @ 5 VDC 直流变压器 Class 2; 5VDC @ 450 mA 电磁标准 FCC Class A 工作温度 0℃ to 40℃ (32℉ to 104℉) 混度 相对湿度5% to 90% , without Up To 20000 Lux of frost illume brightness aseismatic ability can bear the concussion of falling body of freedom of 1.5 meters of height to cement floor the set that M of process designing means uses this manual to receive window software through RS232 (choose match) software upgrades to download Flash Memory by computer through RS232 medium (software choosing matchs) the setting is characteristic, desired result option, decipher option, transmission character defer, suffixal character, the volume that knows read clew news normally and tone, trigger option, clavier emulates a type (message defer, clavier type, clavier language) the parameter that string together a mouth (ACK/NAK, xon/Xoff, RTS/CTS, good Read LED Control, start/stop Bits)
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