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Gun of scanning of AS-8312 bar code
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Product name: Gun of scanning of AS-8312 bar code
Introduce in detail: Gun of scanning of AS-8312 bar code is a professional scanning the gun of bar code scanning of 2 dimension bar code, the 2 dimension bar code such as such as PDF417, PSS and CODE 16K, have high-powered, high resolution, train in excess specified length is apart from scanning and fast speedread to take property.

The means of scanning of fast bar code of 450/ second, can grab with scanning of laser bar code rival, and sexual price is compared a lot of taller however.
In domain of a lot of application, it is OK that although be in,harsh working environment leaves this scanning rifle Sunday run scanning.
Optional the support that match can make scanning gun scans automatically.
Distance of the longest bar code scanning can amount to 60 centimeter, suit content to shed industry and storehouse to use very much
Parameter of technology of gun of scanning of AS-8312 bar code
Illuminant 630nm Visible Red LED
Optical system 2048 Pixel CCD(Charge-coupled Device)
Scanning is apart from 0-600mm (Code 39, PCS=90% , 20mils)
Scanning width 160mm
Scanning speed 450 / second
Defend oneself rate 0.1/mn(4mils) Code39, PCS =90% , on Contact
Presswork contrast > =30%
Before scanning angle: 60° , hind: 60° , deflexion: 60°
Decipher ability knowledge reads all standard code, special bar code is optional calm (only AS8312 can be known read 2 dimension bar code)
Clew sound 7 plant or Jing Yin
Indicator light green light or red light
78mm of scanning head width
35mm of scanning head ply
Weight 176g (do not include cable)
Coiled2.5m of clavier interface cable
Cable connects line length Straigh2.5m
Connect of interface RJ-45 phone
Crust material ABS is plastic
Input voltage 5VDC±0.25V
Working power 800mw
Bide one's time power 350mw
160mA@5VDC of working electric current
Wait for 70mA@5VDC of machine electric current
Product certification UL, FCC Class B, CE
Working temperature 0°C To 50°C (32°F To 122°F)
Relative humidity of working humidity 5% To 90% , without frost
Illume brightness Up To 70000 Lux
Aseismatic ability can bear the concussion of falling body of freedom of 1.5 meters of height to cement floor
Process designing means carries use notebook, receive the set of window software through RS232
Software upgrades to go up by computer through RS232 in carrying Flash Memory (software choosing matchs)
Install options of type of characteristic bar code, options of desired result aircraft, decipher option, transmission character defer, suffixal character, the volume of normal and read-only clew sound and acoustics, trigger option, clavier prevents true type (language of type of message defer, clavier, clavier) the parameter that string together a mouth (ACK/NAK, xon / Xoff, RTS/CTS, good Read LED Control, start/stop Bits)
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