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AS-8000CL piles up scanning gun without line
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Product name: AS-8000CL piles up scanning gun without line
Introduce in detail: Argox is new the wireless version that the gun of scanning of AS-8000CL wireless bar code that roll out is gun of scanning of bar code of salable production AS-8000, it has the scanning speed like AS-8000, depth of field to reach but sexual Lai Du; The wireless data that AS-8000CL has without gun of scanning of line bar code transmits ability, can bring bar code to read take the more convenience, operation that has action sex more.

The application of gun of scanning of AS-8000CL wireless bar code to retail trade is a quite good chance kind, its clipper-built exterior, convenient operation and the design is deft, can know read all run-of-mill bar code sort, be contact no matter take or reading is the scanning distance in 125mm, AS-8000CL has quite outstanding show without gun of scanning of line bar code, it is one is not had absolutely but the product that price of compare tall sex compares.

AS-8000CL piles up parameter of scanning gun job without line
Illuminant 630nm sees glow 2 extremely body
Optical system 2048 Pixel CCD (charge-coupled Device)
Scanning is apart from 0-250 Mm (Code39, PCS=90% , 20mil)
Scanning speed 300 / second
Defend oneself rate 0.1mm(4mil) , code 39, PCS=90% , contact 0.1mm(4mil) , code 39, PCS=90% , contact
Presswork contrast 30% Or More
Before scanning angle / hind: 60°? Deflexion: 75°
Decipher ability knowledge reads all levels one dimension code, special bar code can depend on demand make choice of
Clew sound 7 plant or Jing Yin
Indicator light green light and red light (8000CL and 8510 transmit have 2 LED indicator light)
Length 187mm
Grasp handle width 35mm
75mm of scanning head width
Handle ply 33mm
44mm of scanning head ply
Weight 200g (contains batteries)
Connect contact type RJ-45 Phone Jack Connector
Crust material ABS is plastic (osculatory place collects double color to be shot)
Input voltage 5 VDC±0.25V
Working power 945 MW
Bide one's time power 150 MW
Max 290 MA @ 3.7 VDC of working electric current
Wait for 32 MA @ 3.7 VDC of machine electric current
Product certification UL, FCC, CE, BSMI
Working temperature 0°C To 50°C (32°F To 122°F)
Store temperature - 20°C To 70°C (-4°F To 158°F) (800CL did not include battery)
Working humidity relative humidity 10% to 90% , without frost
Illume brightness Up To 45000 Lux
Aseismatic ability 1.5 meters of free falling body defend be able to bear or endure fall
Manual of user of process designing means (read take) of specific bar code, or it is to pass RS232 to receive DOS Command, windows configuration program
The program upgrades built-in Flash Memory
Install options of type of characteristic bar code, option of desired result character, decipher option, transmission character defer, prepositive character, suffixal character, adscript character, normal knowledge reads the volume of clew sound and acoustics, trigger option, clavier prevents true type (layout of type of the defer between character, clavier, clavier) , the parameter that string together a mouth (ACK/NAK, Xon/Xoff, RTS/CTS, normal knowledge reads LED control, initiative / stop) , wireless type (special and wireless transmitted character set - wait in the light of 8510)
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