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Gun of scanning of AS-8310 bar code
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Product name: Gun of scanning of AS-8310 bar code
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Gun of scanning of AS-8310 bar code is a collect fast sex, accuracy and endurance scan at the Sunday run bar code of an organic whole spear device. Regard an advanced high-powered rainbow light as gun of bar code scanning, high speed of gun of scanning of AS-8310 bar code, effective performance can scan with laser bar code gun be routed.

Gun of bar code scanning used durable balata mould, it can work normally below the condition of tall difficulty optional the good choice that the scanning gun support that match is retail trade application. Quality of superior bar code scanning and perfect schedule work show, make applied range extremely wide, include office, storage, health protection, lab, boat Wu and retail trade.

Scanning of 2048 Pixel CCD(Charge-coupled Device) of optical system of 630nm Visible Red LED of illuminant of parameter of technology of gun of scanning of AS-8310 bar code is apart from 0-600mm (Code 39, PCS=90% , speed of scanning of 160mm of width of scanning of 20mils) 450 / the second defends oneself rate 0.1/mn(4mils) Code39, PCS =90% , on Contact pressworks contrast > before angle of scanning of =30% : 60° , hind: 60° , deflexion: 60°Decipher ability knowledge reads all standard code, 特别条码可选定(仅AS8312可识读2维条码) 提示音 7种或静音 指示灯 绿灯或红灯 扫描头宽度 78mm 手柄宽度 56mm 扫描头厚度 35mm 重量 176g(不包括电缆) 键盘接口电缆 Coiled2.5m 电缆连线长度 Straigh2.5m 接口 RJ-45电话接头 外壳材料 ABS塑料 输入电压 5VDC±0.25V 工作功率 800mw 待机功率 350mw 工作电流 160mA@5VDC 待机电流 70mA@5VDC 产品认证 UL, FCC Class B, CE 工作温度 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) 储存温度 -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) 工作湿度 5% to 90%相对湿度、无霜 照明光亮度 Up to 70000 Lux 抗震能力 可承受1.5米高度自由落体到水泥地面的冲击 编程方式 通过使用手册, the set software that receives window software through RS232 upgrades to go up by computer through RS232 in carrying Flash Memory (software choosing matchs) options of type of setting character bar code, options of desired result aircraft, decipher option, transmission character defer, suffixal character, the volume of normal and read-only clew sound and acoustics, trigger option, clavier prevents true type (language of type of message defer, clavier, clavier) the parameter that string together a mouth (ACK/NAK, xon / Xoff, RTS/CTS, good Read LED Control, start/stop Bits) archives of PDF of page of color of driver driver download downloads download of one PDF archives 2
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