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Gun of scanning of laser of A380 bar code
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Product name: Gun of scanning of laser of A380 bar code
Introduce in detail: A-380 laser appearance of form code reader is designed completely according to human body engineering, exceed ability of powerful machine core, advantageous decipher to be able to read one dimension bar code well and truly quickly more; Exceed effectively knowledge to read misshapen code, vague code; Apply to system of commercial POS supermarket, storage content shedding, books management, bank is enterprise or business unit, traffic is carried, all trades and professions such as the management of pull current Cheng of postal, agriculture and manufacturing industry!
Functional project: A-380 parameter

Performance data

Illuminant type 650nm - 670nm (visible laser)
Safety performance accords with a country standard of safety of 2 class laser
Scanning rate 49 / second
0.10mm of the precision that read a code (4mil) PCS0.9
Depth of field (adjustable) 10-600mm(pcs0.9)
Interface of communication interface clavier, RS232C strings together mouth, USB mouth
Spark means hand is moved; Scan automatically continuously; Infra-red intelligence scans, bracket scans automatically (optional)
Scanning angle is obliquitous 45 degrees, angle of elevation 60 degrees
Decipher ability
Code 39 of one dimension bar code, code 93, code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN128, codaber, industoal 2 Of 5, matrix 2 Of 5, MSI, interleave 2 Of 5, chinese postal code
Transmission rate RS232 Baudeate:2400-38400
57mA of working electric current (bide one's time 36mA)
Power source 5V
Operate temperature - 30°C-50°C
Storage temperature - 30°C-50°C
Operate humidity 5% - 90%
Aseismatic ability is passed 1. 5 meters of free be born check
Exterior dimension 83mm*43mm*149mm (long × wide × is tall)
Weight 119G
Material qualitative ABS PC
Scanning ambient light falls in normal office and factory illume environment or direct exposed to the open air falls to all won't produce any effects to its in sunshine

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