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Self-induced scanner FG9600
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Product name: Self-induced scanner FG9600
Introduce in detail: [product parameter]

Scanning type two-way
Illuminant sees laser: 650-670
Scanning rate 100 / second
Read a precision 0.10mm PCS0.9
Rated job is apart from 2.5-600 Mm
Presswork contrast lowest 30% reflex difference
Decipher ability UPC/EAN, UPC/EAN With Supplementals, UCC/EAN 128, code 39, code 39 Full ASCII, code 39 TriOptic, code 128, code 128 Full ASCII, codabar, interleaved 2 Of 5, discrete 2 Of 5, code 93, MSI, code 11, RSS Variants, chinese 2 Of 5
Wide × of exterior dimension long × is tall
Obliquitous 45 degrees
Angle of elevation 60 degrees
PCS 0.45
Supportive interface RS232, , dish interface, USB
The > in voltaic 100mA< job, 40mA< bides his time>
Power source DC 5V
Environmental parameter
Operate temperature 0-40 ℃
℃ of storage temperature 30-60
Humidity relative humidity 5% to 95% (without condense)
Deposit humidity 5%-95%
Aseismatic ability drops to for many times from 1.4M altitude coagulate land surface still can work normally
Jam-free ambient light falls in normal office and factory illume environment or direct exposed to the open air falls to all won't produce any effects to its in sunshine
Electrostatic discharge accords with requirement of 15KV air discharge and 8KV contact discharge
Set compulsively
Security accords with standard of safety of 2 class laser, FCC ClassA

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