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Shanghai first up to grab the industry initiative to promote the application o
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November 25, 2010, by the Association for Automatic Identification Technology of China, Article Numbering Centre of China Shanghai Branch hosted the first of Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai contractor's "standard applications" barcode-store bar code, "Training and Seminar" was held as scheduled in Shanghai . Secretary General of China Association for Automatic Identification Technology Xie Ying, China Shanghai Branch EAN Yong, director to the meeting and delivered a speech at the SCG reached the first partner Shanghai METTLER TOLEDO - United DATALOGIC companies and representatives of companies doing important speech, also attended by B & Q, Lianhua Hualian, farming supermarkets, Metro, the family benefit and many other retailers. Article Numbering Centre of China Shanghai Branch Director Yong in his speech recalled the recent application of the retail chain industry, product code, emphasizing the use of the product barcode to the item-based encoding standard, and promote the field of information technology retail chain and supply chain management level, effectively help enterprises improve their market competitiveness. Association for Automatic Identification Technology in China During the meeting, the Secretary-General Xie Ying comprehensive introduction to the retail chain industry trend of barcode applications, items encoded in the retail, transportation, storage packaging and logistics unit on the specific applications. B & Q, Lianhua, Hualian and other business representatives who have shared their product code will be applied to the internal management of the advanced experience. Shanghai is also the first of SCG from different angles at the meeting made a wonderful speech, through the vivid, rich examples described demonstrate the SCG in Shanghai to promote the norms of the first application of a product code, bar code inside the work efforts and results and to the global GS1 coding system to facilitate business-to-retail business to achieve tracking, content management, expand the active discussions on the barcode, the shop how to regulate the use of bar code and standard development had extensive exchanges to further promote standardized application barcode, bar code shop has taken a solid step forward.
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