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Public super "service" of the cylinders; filling gas cylinders led to irregular operations units secretly into safety hazards; liquefaction phenomenon of repeated large tank canister cut down is not fresh ... ... these difficult issues in the future will be one by one to avoid. Reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, in order to promote information security management cylinders will be made through projects that benefit so deep, the provincial quality supervision system will arrange special funds, the use of information means, for the purposes of the province's 9.55 million cylinders dynamic regulation, protection of life and property safety. Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau official says, Jiangsu Province, 9.55 million existing cylinders, of which 8.22 million is civil cylinders, accounting for 86%. Cylinders because inflammable, explosive, leading to potentially dangerous, if substandard quality will lead to disaster. It is reported ,03-09 years, the province cylinder explosion occurred in 30 cases, resulting in 28 deaths. Occurred last year alone from the lead 4 of 5 people were killed in an explosion, special equipment accounted for 38% of accidents. Once the cylinder plus posts on the province's electronic bar code, after registration has been unified "identity." Information and status of the cylinders were recorded, but also accelerated the filling unit of management performance. The reporter learned that the province's 1190 cylinders Units eighty percent of these are small and medium private enterprises. Poor awareness of the legal system, lack of management experience, coupled with no consistent regulation, and its negligence caused to the public will have irreversible consequences. Once the cylinder with the "identity card", electronic bar codes with joint back office monitoring unit, each cylinder has a safety record impulse flow registration is extremely effective to eliminate the risk of bottles, discarded bottles in the market circulation.
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