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Heat of choose and buy turns imprint the issue that carbolic belt should conside
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The quality that when buying carbon to take, normally need defines to carbon is taken base (candle radical, mix base still be colophony radical) , the width that carbon takes and length. To can choose to be taken to appropriate carbon, obtain first-rate to print the effect, should consider the following aspect:
1) is used on what printer
Turn in heat imprint below the means that print, synchronism uses up carbolic belt and tagboard on length direction, with respect to width direction character, the width that carbon takes should be more than the width that is equal to tagboard,
Be less than the biggest printing width of printer. Because every are planted,the physical dimension of printer differs, the length of the biggest scroll that can lade and the biggest width that can print are different also. Additional, the working temperature of the head that print and the move that carbon takes spend character to cooperate to also be met very big to generation of final the effect that print impact.
2) is hit in what apparently
Generally speaking, art paper surface is relatively rough, should cooperate candle radical or mix base carbolic belt is used; And PET paper surface is slicker, the carbolic belt that should cooperate colophony radical is used.
The graphical wear that 3) hopes
If hope to print the label content that come out to have better wear, should choose area of colophony radical carbon.
4) can the cost of the burden
Generally speaking, the cost minimum that candle radical carbon takes, mix base the cost take second place that carbon takes, the carbon of colophony radical brings cost highest.
Of 5) label be able to bear or endure blow, be able to bear or endure scratch, be able to bear or endure daub, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant if label is in,wait for a requirement be able to bear or endure scratch, be able to bear or endure daub, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant to often may be being ground, label has with respect to need stronger fight blow a gender, also should choose colophony carbon to take at this moment or mix base carbolic belt.
6) is printed with what speed
Choice feeling answers to spend high carbolic area below the circumstance that prints in high speed.

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