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Does tree of candle radical, candle mix base and what does colophony radical car
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Candle radical carbon is taken (WAX RIBBON) the candle that contains high percentage normally base raw material, these raw material decided the melting point that carbon takes, melting point affects the energy level of the need when printing, will tell commonly, the melting point as a result of candle is far under colophony, the energy level that uses candle radical carbon to take the need that print is far under with mix base and when colophony radical is printed. Compare colophony as a result of most candle again soft, the belt of wear candle carbon of the graph that print is inferior to mixing base with colophony base, most candle base carbolic belt has a coat only.

Candle / the tree mixes base carbon is taken (WAX/RESIN) the colophony composition raw material that contains high percentage commonly, this decided the Gao Rong that this kind of carbon takes is nodded, when be being printed with belt of this kind of carbon with the energy level with higher than also needing appearance of band of candle radical carbon, because most colophony is harder than candle, print the figure that give prevent blow gender and prevent chemistry caustic it is good to also compare candle radical carbon to take. Most mixture base carbon is taken by layer or two more the layer is comprised.

Colophony radical (RESIN) carbolic belt contains part of highest proportional colophony, the mixture that printing the energy level that takes need to also compare candle radical base tall, because most colophony is harder than candle, the colophony of high content makes belt of this kind of carbon is had prevent wonderfully brush gender and fight chemistry caustic.

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